Why I Chose to Adopt

For first-time parents or parents who want to grow their family, adoption is a great option.

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

I grew to love our foster children.

I cared greatly for the first four foster children we had in our home, particularly for our very first, a 6-month-old boy. Their biological families maintained an active role throughout their time in the foster system, however, and in most cases, the children’s grandparents ended up becoming their guardians.

I wanted a bigger family.

As I mentioned above, my wife and I were always in agreement that we desired more children, or, at least, one more child. We ended up getting a two-for-one deal! For me, now that my stepson has been out of the house and living independently for several years, it is a great feeling to come home to my three daughters and wife.

Ours is a home full of love and joy that I couldn’t imagine being without.

Yes, children bring with them a set of limitations and problems that those living a single or childless couple lifestyle do not have to worry about. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain that lifestyle.

Why might someone else choose adoption?

There are many reasons to consider adoption. Parents might consider adoption for religious reasons, such as the Christian orphan ministry or affirming the sanctity of human life over the option of abortion. Many women choose to adopt rather than subject their bodies to the dangers and rigors of pregnancy. Someone might feel a moral obligation to provide a good home for children in need.

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