Thank you for reading and commenting, Chris. You make an excellent point. Just as an aside, interstellar travel IS possible. Voyager 1 has been moving through interstellar space since August 2012. I know you meant interstellar travel for HUMANS, though. But we actually have the technology to attempt interstellar astronaut travel now. We could, with enough investment, construct a space station large enough to hold dozens of people along with the materials to grow food and sustain them for decades... long enough to get past the edge of the Solar System. It’s not something that makes much sense right now, because it would take so long to get to the nearest star at the speeds we’re currently capable of that there would be no benefit to Earth in any reasonable amount of time. Just as with other technology, we are constantly pushing the limits, so both spacecraft acceleration and speed as well as improvements in space traveler health will eventually reach a point where undertaking a trek to our nearest neighboring star is feasible.

Startup product manager. Sci fi, Fantasy and Science writer.

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