7 Horrible Medical Conditions


My daughter is going to be a nurse. That’s what she wants right now, and at 17 she is pretty set in that career path at the moment.

Whenever she learns something new, she tends to bring home whatever enthusiasm or shock she first felt and delivers it to us, her parents, with great fervor. I revel in her curiosity and interest, and often learn some new things from her.

There are an endless number of things that might be termed “horrible medical conditions”. “Medical condition” all by itself has an overwhelmingly negative connotation. The collection below is only a small assortment, but represent some that I find most distressing.

A word of warning: There is ample imagery for these conditions available on the internet. Do not search for pictures of (most) of these conditions unless you have a strong stomach, and especially if you still can’t get into an R-rated movie without your parents.

Indulge your curiosity below:

This can be caused by crush or impact injuries, and occurs when blood can get into an area of your body but then cannot leave that area. The blood builds up, resulting is high pressure swelling, and can lead to the affected area becoming septic.

This is a sleep disorder. Most people are familiar with insomnia, the condition where it’s hard or nearly impossible to sleep. Kleine-Levin Syndrome is a form of “hypersomnia”, usually affecting younger people, in which the patient sleep all the time. This can be for days, or even weeks. It’s not a coma, but the affected individual is basically rendered useless for extended periods of time. The patient can also exhibit hypersexual behavior and other psychological problems during their wakeful periods.

This one is almost difficult to comprehend. Also known as an allergy to water (yes, you read that correctly… water…allergy), this condition causes painful rashes that can last for hours when the patient’s skin comes into contact with water, or anything made with water. This means the patient needs to avoid rain, baths, spilling soup on themselves, and even sweating.

Degloving, when you first hear the term, sounds innocuous. However, when you read about or see examples of it, you will get shivers running down your spine. I promise you. This condition happens whenever some injury, whether it be heat injuries or lacerations, causes large areas of skin to be pulled or otherwise separated from the tissue below, resulting in this section being pulled off, or “de-gloving”, that part of the body.

Your smallest blood vessels begin leaking plasma into the surrounding tissues. Initially, you just feel sick. Over the course of just days, however, you get swelling in your extremities, your blood pressure drops, your weight increases due to fluid retention, your thirst level increases and you have abdominal pain. Researchers think SCLS is caused by certain infections.

Connective tissues in the body — your ligaments, tendons and even muscles — begin to “ossify”, or become bone-like. This results in what is also known as the “Bone Man” condition, a truly horrible fate that is, thankfully, quite rare. there is a gene that codes for a protein that helps grow bone called ACVR1, and that is where the mutation is found that causes FOP.

Also known as epidermodysplasia verruciformis, and also “Tree-Man Syndrome”, this condition springs from a rare hereditary disorder in which the human body is unable to deal properly with the HPV virus, resulting in uninhibited growth of warts all over the body. Surgical removal of the warts is fruitless, as they only grow back with a vengeance. Over the course of years, this ends up giving the affected patient the appearance of thick, brown, bark-like skin.

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