Sometimes you want to write something new and just can’t seem to think of anything that seems like it might be worth more than a few pages.

Sometimes you just want to write… a few pages.

In another article, I’ll address the beautiful problem of having too many good ideas to choose from flying around in your head.

This short piece is just to provide some hopefully intriguing ideas that you are free to use in whatever form they may take.

And with that, on to the prompts:

  1. After a particularly rousing game of basketball with your friends, you are crazy thirsty and realize you forgot to bring a drink. You reach for the nearest plastic bottle of vaguely neon-green liquid and down it in a few seconds. However, you don’t notice that the name of the drink is “Weight-er-ade”, and you inexplicably begin gaining five pounds a day without changing in appearance.
  2. Miss Lizza is Billy’s favorite fourth grade teacher. She seems to know everything there is to know about science and space stuff, everything Billy is excited about. One day she takes the whole class on an unannounced field trip to visit a crashed alien ship in the Arizona desert. It was so cool that she didn’t even make the kids get their parents to fill out permission slips!
  3. The loneliest person to have ever lived wakes up one morning to find that suddenly, without explanation, everyone on the planet seems to be his friend.
  4. Two surgeons, exes,who absolutely hate each other after a serious break-up are forced to perform an operation together….in the White House…. to save the President.
  5. After a particularly busy and stressful day, you return home to your apartment (or flat, or condo) hoping to just kick back, relax, Netflix ‘n chill, or whatever it is you like to do to unwind. When you open your door you see that your place appears to have been ransacked. A note is scrawled in ketchup on one wall: “If you ever want to see your dog again, meet me in the alley behind the courthouse at 10 PM with a thousand dollars cash”. You don’t have a dog, because your complex doesn’t allow them. But you really love dogs.
  6. Three strangers find themselves trapped in a railway car together when the commuter train derails into a river. As it sinks slowly and the water rises, one of the strangers confesses to being a serial killer.
  7. The most popular, multi-million-selling new robotic talking teddy-bear toy is revealed to be a race of alien invaders.
  8. Your best friend calls you one day and explains that she woke up to find that they suddenly gained the superpowers of super strength and healing. She needs someone to practice on. “Can I come over and beat you up so I can fix you?”
  9. A post-nuclear wasteland: Ruined buildings everywhere, their steel skeletons twisted. Hulks of rusted vehicles. A gray pall hanging over it all. A door pops open, creaks on ancient hinges as someone opens it from below. They climb up, out of a hole in the ground. The person is totally clean, is smiling with some relief at getting out of the bunker they’ve been in for years, and wears a bright orange jumpsuit. It’s the only bright color that can be seen… for miles.
  10. Two dogs come upon a cat. One wants to play; the other wants to chat.
  11. Saly is a vegetarian, just like everyone else on her planet has been for the past five hundred years. She lives with her mother, two younger sisters, and grandmother while her father works away from home for months at a time mining asteroids. Saly opens her refrigerator one day and finds a big, bloody hunk of meat sitting on the middle shelf.
  12. When you were eleven, your middle-aged ballet master, who never became well known, suddenly quits teaching and shoot to international fame as one of the greatest dancers ever. She dies tragically when you are sixteen. You receive a package in the mail sent by her just days before her death, and it contains a pair of rosy silk pointe shoes, along with a handwritten note that reads simply, “Wait”.
  13. Santa cheats on Mrs. Claus with the Tooth Fairy. Mrs. Claus finds herself seeking comfort in the arms of Easter Bunny.
  14. Your regular morning routine is moving along just fine until you hop in your car and start driving to work. Halfway there, the normal image you see through your windshield of congested exurban traffic shifts through multiple different views: A gravelly mountain path, a nighttime plain with three different-sized moons hanging in the sky, an underwater forest of giant tube-worms illuminated by your headlights, and a windswept icy tundra accompanied by a small herd of woolly mammoths.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Startup product manager. Sci fi, Fantasy and Science writer. https://t.co/6Eny0CBdBD https://channillo.com/user/29057 https://twitter.com/deller_a

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