12 Keys to Unlocking Your Potential

You can find the happiness, wealth and success you’ve always dreamed of.

Pay attention. Study hard. Get good grades. Focus HARD on STEM subjects to keep your options open. Put in time volunteering and participating in group activities like sports, band, theater, or anything else. All of this will help you earn a more financially rewarding degree. And if college isn’t your thing, set yourself up for a solid career that will have earnings growth, either with getting certified in a trade skill or joining the military.

Having nothing to your name and being broke, for any reason, is not a good thing. The more you have, the more you can help others. You shouldn’t just want to HAVE $1 million, you need to want $100 million.

Most people in a normal career progression expect that regular, once-a-year raise, and they’re satisfied with that. DON’T BE. Never be satisfied. Aim for increasing your income every single month. Don’t just settle for the one job — take on side gigs, invest smartly, re-sell items for financial gain. Do what you have to in order to keep your cash flow growing so that you can, in turn, continue saving and investing.

Notice I wrote “below” there, not “within”. Living within your means is like saying “spend what you can”, which is ridiculous. That’s just bad advice. Getting to $1 million is far easier if you don’t spend all that money as you make it. And keeping that $1 million, and building up to $10 million and more, won’t be possible unless you continue to live by this rule. Here is a basic place to start: Never spend more than 50% of your net income every month.

If you need a car to get to work, buy the cheapest reliable car you can for cash if possible. If you don’t have enough cash yet and need that loan, make sure your job will earn you multiple times more money than you would otherwise get by NOT having the car before you have to throw away interest for that vehicle. If you can get to work using public transportation and don’t need a loan, all the better. This also applies to anything else you need to go into debt for: a place to live, educational requirements/degrees, etc.

When you can afford to, outsource anything that is a productivity sink in your life. Get a maid, use a virtual/remote assistant for scheduling and travel arrangements, have an accountant on retainer to deal with your basic bookkeeping.

Make simple decisions as quickly as possible, but take the time to educate yourself and vet opportunities when it comes to big choices.

Even if you are a “B” type personality who finds it difficult to be very sociable, you need to realize that being successful at building wealth is much like being successful in any other field: It will always give you a leg up to have a large circle of people who you can learn from and discover opportunities with. Try to be interesting and valuable to other people, and you will see great results.

“Show up, don’t show off”. You’ve probably heard that before. It’s no joke. People may envy the show-offs, but they’re hard to like. What really sticks is when someone puts in long hours and improves the business they’re working for and helps the people they’re working with.

Help others as they need it. No matter what anyone says, your donation of time and effort is always more valuable than a gift of money.

This is your life we’re talking about. Your satisfaction and happiness in the future rests on the decisions you’re making right now. If you’re 20, then you might have 70+ more years on this Earth. And it’s an awesome place with so much to see and do, and YOU have so much to accomplish. Growing your wealth will make it all possible, and will also let you help other people far more than you could otherwise.

Saving is important, but to get to a net worth in the millions you can’t just save. You’ll need to invest. Learn as much as you can about the markets you’re interested in, whether it’s stocks, real estate or blockchain. And it’s not just about investing money, either. Investing also means you put some of your earnings into improving yourself. Do things to get smarter, healthier, and find some stress relief when you need it.

Never forget to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Your personal network is just as important to your success as your professional one. The love and support you give and receive feeds both your physical strength and mental health.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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