10 Great Productivity Stories on Medium

If you only have an hour to amp up your productivity game with Medium, start here.

There is an amazing wealth and variety of information and advice on Medium, and since I joined the platform in the last quarter of 2017 I’ve been reading and learning more than ever, outside of work or school requirements.

As all of you know, such a treasure trove of choice can be overwhelming. The question “Where do I go next?” follows up every single story on Medium, and you always have what seems an infinite number of paths to go down.

Which is kind of funny…Because too much choice is one of those things that can really affect productivity. So it helps to narrow down those choices.

I’ve read over ten times as many stories on productivity as I have listed here, but below are some of those that I found most useful and powerful. In many cases, so have thousands of other Medium readers.

I tried to select what I considered the best out of different productivity categories so that there wouldn’t be much repetition, and so that this list would be a nice, efficient “productivity primer” for someone fairly new to Medium.

Enjoy…and MAKE THINGS!

The list:

by Zdravko Cvijetic

Mornings can present numerous tough spots for many of us, with competing priorities coming from every direction: hygiene, workouts, kids, work prep, breakfast, commuting — all of which has to be taken care of in the space of just a 2–3 hours at most.

by Jessica Swanda

Telecommuting is either a blessing or a curse, and it’s up to you to make sure it stays the former.

by Thomas Oppong

The 80/20 rule is well-known in productivity circles, and you will find a lot of writing about it on Medium. Thomas really distills it down here.

by Garry Gill

Garry’s story is a common one, so I think a lot of you will relate to the predicament he describes and find some worth in how he handles it.

by Darius Foroux

On the surface, this sounds like “anti-productivity”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

by David Kadavy

Short and sweet, David’s advice here is probably going to add a couple years to your life.

by Evi Abada

Evi’s work speaks for itself, and this how-to can be applied to a lot more than just writing.

by Louis Chew

Louis “dives” into the idea — beginning with a look at Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ routines — that a few little alterations in your approach can result in big benefits.

by Melody Wilding

“Pictures are worth 1,000 words” doesn’t just refer to photos and paintings. You create what you will inside your mind, and Melody writes about how that can help you more than you know.

by Jon Westenberg

With an endless number of ways to wind down our days, Jon offers up a few things we can do to make those last minutes before sleep work for us.

There are a few writers that are amazing with productivity advice on Medium that I also want to give a shout-out to: Kris Gage, Nicolas Cole, and Karthik Rajan. They excel at offering relatable guidance based on their own life experiences, and their personalities will keep your eyes glued to your screen.

Thank you for reading and sharing! If you liked this, you may also like:

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