Reaching new worlds in the Milky Way means we’ll need to push our limits. How fast can we get?

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People continue to evolve even as our societies becomes more interconnected. What are we becoming now, and what might we become eons from now?


We are just entering a time driven by intelligent and specialized machines, and the possibilities are limitless.

A brief walk through the years that shaped human history

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Why Earth is unique and what that means for the many exoplanets we are finding in this golden age of astronomy

Earth from 1 million miles away ©NASA

What we don’t know can definitely hurt us.

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Increased longevity will make the problems of aging worse

As human longevity technology gives people added decades of active life, what we see as modern detriments…

What can we do with the amazing property of quantum entanglement?

Out-compete and out-create the competition by strengthening each kind of intelligence you possess.

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What are they, why do they form and how might we harness their power in the future?


How can we maneuver around one of our most frustrating habits?

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A. S. Deller

Startup product manager. Sci fi, Fantasy and Science writer.

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